February 24, 2009

Mototaxis - Pupusas - Souvenirs

In Copan everything is at walking distance, however when going to Macaw Mountain Bird Park or if you are on your way to the Mayan ruins then you should get a moto-taxi cuz both of them are located within a five minute drive from the main square. The
Tuk-Tuk / Moto-Taxi is very affordable here at just around 15.00 to 20.00 Lempiras or about USD 1.00 per ride. When we stopped one taxi to take us to the Macaw Mountain Bird Park the driver very enthusiastically asked if he could go "too fast and too furious" so we said yes. It was a lot of fun for a little while until he began hugging the curves too much for our sake so we told him to slow down. It was fun indeed and the driver insisted that they were very stable and that he could give it more gas. We were more at ease with getting no scrapes during our trip.

One place you should stop after rolling round in the Moto-taxis is Avenida Centro America. It is located perpendicular to the main square and the municipal office. This street is perfect for finding that special gift for friends and family. The street is very lively with souvenir shops and stands as well as bars and restaurants. Remember to ask for discounts and always compare prices...haggling is allowed.

If you are into eating something typical and do not want to try the usual macaroni and cheese you can get at home, then you should go to Comedor Mary. Ask for pupusas; they are flour tortillas, again with quesillo or melted cheese, plus you can choose with pork, or loroco which is this edible flower. They are served with a salad that you put on top. Now, this salad contains some very hot chilli peppers so if spicy is not yout thing then you should pick them out. I must say that these were the best tasting pupusas EVER, and I am from Honduras. One more thing, they are cheap too, just about 1.00 USD or 20.00 Lempiras.

February 23, 2009

Via Via Cafe

This place deserves an entry of its own! I've checked this place out every time I have been to Copan. The atmosphere is great especially if you like to mingle with young travelers from all over the world. This is like backpacker haven! It's a bar / restaurant / hostel / tourist office all in one. So if you want to relax after sightseeing in the ruins, then you need to go to Via Via and have some cold drinks (in my case beer) with good company while listening to some chill-out tunes. For complete laid back time, we needed some appetizers. I highly recommend Pakoras. We tried them and were very tasty (one way to explain them would be, kinda like fried vegetable balls). We also tried Belgian fries, which are french fries with mayonnaise. It turns out the place is Belgian owned.

So right there in the lobby/main entrance you can find a tourist office. There you can check out different kinds of tours to different areas around Copan and Honduras, from rafting to hiking, birdwatching, and even trips to Guatemala which is right around the corner.

I had to put this part in the blog... some years ago perhaps 03 I made a trip with some friends of mine that have a local band called Sueno Digviana. They play on and off now, but back then they were all over the place and they happened to play in Via Via!!! This was a very memorable trip for all of us that were there and I just had to mention it.