August 10, 2009

Paya Bay Resort

Paya Bay is a small resort located on the east tip of the island of Roatan.
The splendor of its surroundings creates an amazing natural setting. The facility itself is nested on a small cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea. It has the luxury of being located between two half moon beaches which are separated by the complex itself. In terms of natural beauty, it has got to be one of my favorite places in Roatan, although it can be a little bit isolated considering its relatively long distance from the more populated parts of the island. However, that can be a blessing for those looking for some privacy and a cozy environment. Another positive aspect of its location is the nice breeze which can blow pretty strong in these parts of the island. That can be a relief from the heat and humidity as well as the "no see ums" which I have mentioned earlier. Also, because of these winds, the sea can be a bit choppy if you compare it to West Bay for that matter.

You will most definitely need a car to get there because of the long distance and it must be noted that the paved road ends at what seems to be at least a couple of kilometers left to reach the resort. Nevertheless, the road is still in pretty good conditions but could get a bit tricky when wet, particularly during the rainy season. In spite of this, your rental car will definitely handle it, it will just get a bit muddy.

After you park your car and you make your way uphill towards the restaurant area, you will come upon a wooden deck overlooking the ocean. There you will come upon a flight of stairs that basically goes down into the rocks below where the sea meets the land (be on the look out for iguanas, which like to roam around the rocks found below). Once you absorb the view, go ahead and order an appetizer or smoothie. On this trip we had the smoothies which were very tasty and refreshing, however we did not order any food. On a previous trip we did eat lunch there and I remember thinking the food was really good although I cant remember exactly what we ordered. Anyhow, since you already drove all the way there, you might as well go ahead and "overstay your welcome" and have some local grub. I believe they made fresh-made coconut bread. Very Yummy!

This resort is perfect for beach weddings, (if you look in their website you will see how they emphasize this aspect). On a more personal note, this wooden deck area has already been chosen in theory, as THE place for my own beach wedding. My fiance and I have seriously talked about having our wedding in this resort. This is what we picture... "The sun would be setting, everyone would wear white, our guests would be standing over on the deck area overlooking the altar, which would be placed at the bottom of the stairs on the rocks towards the sea...and this is where we would be joined in holy matrimony and be the happiest people on this earth". OH YES, it would be some wedding!!!