September 19, 2009

A prologue 4 some stress Release!

Ok, here's the story... the beginning of this entry should have been the continuation of the story started and described in the previous entry. My idea was to present the situation of the tourism industry after the 28th of June up to the 19th of September in Honduras. I was supposed to start explaining how everything was rather fine in Honduras especially in the tourist areas and how my suggestion was to avoid the capital of Tegucigalpa if possible but that you could travel pretty much anywhere. I was also planning on describing a recent trip I made with some friends of mine and my fiancee during the month of August, to prove that it was OK to travel within Honduras (even from Tegucigalpa) and to show that there were deals and offers to take advantage off which were being sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism to promote the country's image. Here is where I would begin showing photographs and describing all the fun we had during that trip.

What I did not know, was that our ex-president Zelaya, had decided to secretly enter Honduras and to install himself in the Brazilian Embassy two days after I finished the previous entry; thus, my entire story kinda lost its purpose and I am now forced to explain a few things. Things have calmed down a lot and are even better now than they were when we went on this past trip. There was some tension for a few days, after Zelaya's arrival but eventually, talks were being discussed and suddenly they were under way with all the parties involved. Everyone here is expecting a good outcome and that the political crisis will be resolved sooner than expected.

Anyhow, on the next post, I will finally continue telling you about the trip I had planned to describe without any more political talk. The following is a short prologue to create the setting of that trip that was such a huge relief from all that stress. We first received word from our good friends Wilfredo Oliva and Fernanda Canchon, a couple who recently got married, that some of the arragements during their wedding were not taken care off by the organizers. To compensate, they offered them credit, which meant two free nights in a partner Hotel in Roatan named The Mayan Princess. They were told that the room was going to be a suite which was extremely spacious, so with the spare room they asked if another couple could tag along. The said it was ok but only for one night. Thus, they invited us to join them with only one condition; that the following days we would need to find new accomodation. They were planning on going by car too which would reduce costs significantly, and in addition to the free night, it was a no brainer. It had been the longest time since we went on a fun road trip, so of course, we did not hesitate and rapidly we began planning out the trip, packed our bags, and soon we were off once more to beautiful Roatan, Bay Islands. Our only worry was to get stuck on the road by protesters, but we never even saw one single person in the streets, except for some graffiti left behind!!!

September 16, 2009

The Political Situation in Honduras

If you have heard the country of Honduras mentioned in the news recently, then you may be already aware that on June 28, 2009 a series of events occurred in Honduras which led to the removal of our current president who was sent to exile. There is a strong and reasonable case as to why these actions took place with one important aspect being that he wanted to change the constitution so that he could remain in power with five months left for new elections; not to mention the countless number of corruption scandals he was involved in during his term in office. It is debatable if this event can be cataloged as a Coup de etat because of its unique characteristics, however, due to the swift action of our deposed ex-president and the financial aid and media coverage provided by the Venezuelan government, (which has been strongly supporting him from the onset), their side of the story has been given more coverage by the international community, portraying a situation which is far from the truth. There intent has been to create the image of a military coup responsible for his removal, resulting in the establishment of an oppressive and totalitarian government, leading to an anarchic situation where civil liberties have been lifted and where its people are being politically persecuted and incarcerated. I am not a participant of the new government nor is anyone in my family, yet as an objective observer I can guarantee you that there is a great deal of misinformation regarding these events. What is real sinister is our ex-president's behavior since he has been lying ever since, and has been trying to hide his real intentions of ruling for his own benefit and that of his followers. His entire term in office had him, his family and his lackeys, involved in numerous corruption scandals, nepotism, ineptitude, and greed, all for the sake of the establishment of antiquated ideals that have been resurrected and sponsored by leftist governments in South America. Now, their objective of course is the restitution of our ex-president who does not deserve to return and if he does, only to be tried for his crimes.

The real story of Honduras is that the majority of the population agree with the removal of our former president and that the country is better off without him. The information regarding anarchy, persecution and incarceration are all severely exaggerated specially if you consider that a Human Rights Commission came to Honduras and prepared a report in-situ, confirming the information was highly exaggerated. People have taken to the streets in protest from both sides, yet the side backing our ex-president have been diminishing ever since. People have still gone to work, eat, and entertained themselves throughout the entire process. Now, in the middle of September, the country is relatively calm with elections looming. Some protests are still being held in the capital of Tegucigalpa but are not affecting the tourism trade.

I am upset that many governments are sanctioning my country for this situation and all of which are parting with the ex-president solely on his leftist ideals. The world is being seen by the majority of Hondurans as being upside down, because of the posture of many governments and their sanctions towards the country. It does not fail to amaze me on how the selfish ambitions of one man has distorted the image of a peaceful nation and how it has affected our economy, commerce, and specially the tourism industry which I dearly love.

What I wish to tell everyone in this entry is that the situation in Honduras is pretty normal and never did this situation affect the tourist areas which are just the same now as they were before June 28. In fact, the Honduran Institute of Tourism have in conjunction with the tourism industry, created different bargains in hotels as well as transportation to promote tourism. There are really good deals out there specially in Roatan, with steep discounts in all inclusive resorts. Check out their website for more info.

September 07, 2009

Commemorative Video

The previous posting was the conclusion to a series of entries documenting my last trip from Tegucigalpa to Copan and then to Roatan, Bay Islands. To commemorate this fantastic voyage I have created a short video from a collection of excerpts taken during our trip which took place in the month of January 2009.

Enjoy the vid!