November 11, 2009

Restaurante Epocas - Antique Store

A 1-day visit to Valle De Angeles means only one thing. There is no time to waste if you want to go souvenir shopping, have a cup o'coffee, go for dinner and drinks, all of this while taking pictures. No need to stress cuz everything is a short walk away; that meant that our crew this time: Loida (fiancee) Elisa (Sister in law) Javi (buddy & designated photographer), had to hop in and out of establishments quickly.

Our first stop was Hierro, Barro y Verde Cafe for coffee. Our second stop was Epocas Restaurante & Antiques just a few feet away. This place is very unique as it houses an unusual collection of objects that decorate the walls, ceiling, and just about every corner on the premises. Among these items are several brass wind instruments hanging on the walls. I really liked their yellow tones which combined very nicely with the reflection from the candle light creating that smooth comfortable aura great for taking advantage of those special features on your camera. A carriage displayed near the entrance is over a century old but has been properly restored by the owner who is also responsible for the restoration of the house and many of its wooden carvings. Old phonographs stand proud and make for some great shots for the camera aficionado; so does the candle lit adobe altar which reminded me of that part in the movie Easy Rider, when Peter Fonda & Dennis Hopper are in the cemetery while at Mardi Gras. GREAT MOVIE, by the way!!!

It so happens that during that same week we visited Valle de Angeles, the festivities weren't just for the patron's day celebration, but also for the Honduran national football team which qualified for the world cup for the second time in its history. Last time it was 27 years ago (check out the Honduran team jersey on Loida, my jersey was dirty from over use). Therefore, this was not only travel & tourism, it was a full blown continuation of the celebrations. The mood in the town was up and alive and that was obviously contagious, so we went ahead and ordered a couple of drinks which were accompanied by delicious chorizo with tortillas. We still had another place to visit for dinner, so as soon as we took some photos and finished up our food and drink we headed up the street and across the main plaza to our next stop.