April 24, 2010

Fantastic Voyage to Cayos Cochinos

Man, what a great way to get back to my blog than with a brand new video! Although I am not the creator of this video this time, I am very happy to write about it. Nevertheless, I have to give due credit to the rightful owner. He goes by the name of Adil and he did a great job of documenting this incredible experience for the entire group that went on the trip. He works for Las Rocas Resorts Resort & Dive Center in West Bay, Roatan, so if you are around the area, look him up.

Before I get into the description of the video, I need to offer a prelude of the events that led to this latest trip. Guess what? I am currently living in Roatan, at least for a little while. I am working for a Canadian Tour Operator called Sunwing which brings charter planes filled with Canadians eager to try new destinations. I am the administrator representing this company here in West Bay so my job is to cater to the Canadian guests staying at the West Bay Hotels. People might think it is the best job in the world, and it is to some extent, specially when the hotels are working properly and complaints are on the minimum. That does not happen often but when it does, I do have some time off which leads to excellent opportunities such as this one.

On this occassion, the trip started at around 8:45 as a group of 9 guests and myself made our way up the pier towards Mama Iolanda, a mid size boat belonging to the Henry Morgan resort. The 40 foot boat was resting peacefully over the calm blue waters getting prepped for departure towards this amazing location called Cayos Cochinos. This is a relatively isolated archipelago located south from Roatan approximately 1 hour away depending on the weather conditions. It has been considered by UNESCO as a Marine Natural Monument and therefore a protected site. The islands consist of two small islands and 13 small coral cays.

The controlled fishing and tourism activities are just a few activites checked by the Honduran Coral Reef Foundation (HCRF) as the managing agency in charge of its conservation and sustainability. I am no expert but whatever they are doing is working because I had never EVER seen reefs like that anywhere else in the Bay Islands; the large quantities and the good health is highly evident in these coral reefs. The yellow, orange, and purple colors are everywhere. It is a real garden down there!!! The amount of fish is also very apparent. I did not see any big fish but the large numbers of schools was a great sight, specially since it had been the longest time since I last saw a school of fish with that many individuals. It was also cool to lunch with the local Garifunas, the ethnic group living in Cayos Cochinos who still preserve a lot of their ancient culture and traditions. One of the highlights of the trip was the school of about 10-15 dolphins which were showing off for us on the midway point of the trip. They were swiming next to the boat and flipping in the air almost waving hello. It is true what they say... dolphins do leave a lasting impressions on humans. It certainly touched me.

But why should I continue writing??? just ChEcK out the KILLer Vid! video