• Honduras is my beautiful home country located right smack in the middle of Central America. Although small in comparison to other countries in the American continent (only 112,492 km² or about the size of the US state of Tennessee), it has a varied array of tourist products and destinations to offer.

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  • Flag:
  • Population: 8,385,072 (as of July 01, 2012)
  • Capital: Tegucigalpa
  • Official Language: Spanish (although English is widely spoken in the Bay Islands)
  • Official Currency: Lempira (HNL)
    • USD are widely accepted in several shops and stores 
    • Euros, not so much; they can be exchanged in Banks 
    • Recommendation: Exchange your USD for HNL at any bank upon arrival
  • Exchange Rate: (as of Feb 01, 2014)

  • Honduran International Airports - City:
    • Toncontin Intl. Airport - Tegucigalpa
    • Ramon Villeda Morales Intl. Airport - San Pedro Sula
    • Juan Manuel Galvez Intl. Airport - Roatan
    • Goloson Intl. Airport- La Ceiba  

  • Airport Departure Tax: (as of Apr 01, 2014)
    • Domestic flights HNL 45.30
    • International flights 
      • USD 36.72 for travelers with Honduran Passport
      • USD 39.72 for travelers with Foreign Passport 
    • The daparture tax needs to be paid prior to passing security and can be done at a bank branch located inside the airport 
    • The departure tax can be paid with Credit Card or in cash / in HNL or USD in Toncontin Intl. Airport in Tegucigalpa 
    • The option for CC payment is not available in Roatan so have cash in hand 
    • T&TH Recommendation: It is best to always have enough cash for departure tax at any Honduran airport  


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