Cuero y Salado




  • The city of La Ceiba in the north coast of Honduras is the entry point of two of the most impressive National Parks in the area, Pico Bonito National Park and Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge
  • If you are a relaxed nature enthusiasts who appreciates the beauty of exotic flora and fauna or an outdoors person who enjoys extreme physical activities, these national parks may be the tropical playground you have been waiting for. 
  • Come prepared with a waterproof jacket, bathing suit, running or trekking shoes, and lots of insect repellant. 

 How to Get There:
  • The point of entry to the Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge is located about 25 mins. by car from La Ceiba, in a place called La Union.
  • In La Union, you catch a gas powered train/wagon which takes you 9.5 km deep into the refuge, until the railroad ends, within an estimated time of 35 mins.
  • If you miss this gas powered train then there is also the option of a "burra", a very rudimentary mode of transportation almost taken from the "old west" where you push yourself on a rail cart with the use of a wooden stick (but, who knows how long that will take?!?!?!).  

  • Two water ways flow though this nature reserve; these are the rivers of Cuero and Salado which converge at one point to create a majestic estuary.
theESTUARYbetween the rivers and the sea
foliage cover throughout theCANALS

  • The park is pretty isolated and it is probably the closest you can get in Honduras to the amazons, after The Mosquitia. 
the Amazon beauty ofCUERO Y SALADO
"La barra del Rio Cuero"/"THE CUERO RIVER BAR"
  • The rivers together with the dense vegetation form the perfect habitat for high concentrations of bird species, ideal for bird watching enthusiasts. 
  • It is also a wildlife sanctuary for hundreds of mammals, insects and reptiles.
aPORCUPINEtries to stay dry

awesome find of theRED-EYED TREE FROG
a Basilisk also know as theJESUS LIZARDorMONKEY LALA


MANATEES'bubble rings, barely visible from a distance


  • We stayed with a local community in Barra Salado where we could buy meals from the local matriarch and community leader who goes by the name of Fatima.
  • There is also a small shop belonging to another member of the community where you can buy sodas and snacks.
  • There is no real accommodation available so come prepared with tents and expect to rough it out a little (although, there is a visitor center with available restrooms and folding beds). 
  • We came prepared with our own tents and fortunately Fatima's place had a hangar where we could set up our tents to protect us from the pouring rain.
  • At the visitor center you can also find some useful information about the park and about some of the creatures you can spot in the area, including the hard to find manatee which I had the privilege to see, but just barely.
  • The dorsal sections and the nostrils were all we saw from what appeared to be three or four manatees swimming near the Cuero River Bar.