How to Get There:
  • Tela is relatively close by car from San Pedro Sula and La Ceiba (1.5 to 2 hours) and just a bit farther from Tegucigalpa (5 to 6 hour drive). 
  • The closest airports are Ramon Villeda Morales in San Pedro Sula and Goloson in La Ceiba.

  • Tela is a coastal town located on the north coast of Honduras and it is quite possibly our most recognized tourism destination after the Bay Islands and  Copan. 

the farther you get from the town ofTELAthe better theBEACHES

  • It is the first choice for local Hondurans when they think of vacations with sun, sea, and sand, and not to mention affordability.
  • Although the town itself is not known for its striking beauty, the surrounding beaches are some of the best in the north coast. 
  • You can find all inclusive resorts in and around Tela as well as some smaller hotels right in town.
  • Punta Sal is where you find the Jeannette Kawas National Park as well as Punta Izopo which are two widely visited and very beautiful national parks found nearby. Nature hikes, snorkeling and kayaking through mangroves are available with some of the local tour operators.  
  • Exotic plants and trees from all over the world make their home in Lacentilla, one of the world's largest botanical gardens! 
  • See one of T&TH previous blog entries Lancetilla - A real garden of Eden for more about this colorful garden located off Tela's main road. 
welcome toLANCETILLA
  • Other places to visit around the area include Triunfo de La Cruz and Tornabe. These are Garifuna settlements, a local ethnic group, known for making the best conch soup and delicious coconut bread. 
  • Back in the day, this area used to be the home of several American fruit companies which had their headquarters in Tela, where bananas became an important exploit of the time. This is why Honduras was coined with the derogatory term Banana Republic. 

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