Pico Bonito




  • The city of La Ceiba in the north coast of Honduras is the entry point of two of the most impressive National Parks in the area, Pico Bonito National Park and Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge
  • If you are a relaxed nature enthusiasts who appreciates the beauty of exotic flora and fauna or an outdoors person who enjoys extreme physical activities, these national parks may be the tropical playground you have been waiting for. 
  • Come prepared with a waterproof jacket, bathing suit, running or trekking shoes, and lots of insect repellant. 


How to Get There:
  • A 30 minute car ride from Goloson Intl. Airport takes you to the initial stages of the tropical rain forest and mountain range which goes by the name of Cordillera Nombre de Dios where the National Park of Pico Bonito lies 

    • The highest peak at over 2,430 meters above sea level is called Pico Bonito which is part of the second largest national park which goes by the same name.
    PICO BONITOstands tall in the background

    • There are several eco-friendly lodges near and along the winding road which goes parallel and upstream to the Rio Cangrejal. 
    a scenic view of theCANGREJAL RIVER
    • I can recommend the Eco Jungle Lodge, where we stayed in one of their best cabins and were very satisfied with their standards of service.
    • Overall we had a great experience rafting and hiking with the guides from their own adventure outfit called Omega Tours.
    ARTSYbathroom design
    the best cabin at theECO JUNGLE LODGE
    • Check out these previous entries with more about the Eco Jungle Lodge and Omega Tours.
    • The park is widely known for its white water rafting in class III-IV rapids in this Cangrejal River and hiking through its winding mountain trails.
    "Mucho" funRAFTINGin Pico Bonito
    • The Bejuco Waterfall a 60 meter high waterfall can be seen in the distance from the main road; it becomes very visible once the rainy season arrives and there is a heavier down pour. It can be reached by trail and by virtue of being located at 450 meters above sea level, the views are spectacular
    theBEJUCO WATERFALLduring the dry season
    • The park’s biodiversity provides a habitat to a wide variety of animal species. Toucans, parrots, woodpeckers and quetzals, are just a few of the birds which can be spotted in some areas making bird watching a common activity in the park.
    • Deer, jaguars, leopards and sloths also lurk in the jungle of Pico Bonito although they are hard to spot. It is not uncommon to hear the howler monkey's loud calls from above.


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