Utila is the smallest of the Bay Islands with the exception of Cayos Cochinos. It is highly recognized as one of the cheapest places in the world to get your international diving certification and a great place to experience some world class diving. Utila is all about learning how to dive, making good friends and enjoying some hardcore partying in the process. No doubt, these conditions attract a large group of 20 year old backpackers so you will definitely see a lot of young folks, on a budget, having a good time.

    Better known simply as The Islands by Hondurans, The Bay Islands are made up by the following islands: 

      • Roatan   
      • Utila
      • Guanaja
      • Cayos Cochinos  
    How to Get There:
  • Utila
    • Flights from mainland Honduras are available with: 
      • CM Airlines 
      • Aerolineas Sosa 
    • By Ferry from the city of La Ceiba:

  • Utila is the smallest of the Bay Islands and the one closest to the mainland of Honduras. This hedonist paradise is located just 45 minutes from La Ceiba by ferry and is host to a unique and carefree atmosphere catering to young backpackers from all over the planet. 
  • Low cost accommodation and overall low prices in general have made of Utila a popular destination for those looking for the unconventional Caribbean hotspot. Most of its hotels, restaurants, and bars blend in naturally with the island’s physical beauty and have been constructed on simple wooden structures with basic materials and rustic decor, reminiscent of a Caribbean island lost in the 1970s.
bird's eye view of the rustic town ofUTILA
  • It is renowned as being one of the cheapest places in the world where you can get a PADI diving certification.

UTILAis one of the cheapest places in the world to get a diving certificate
  • It is also known as the whale shark capital of the world. This is the largest living fish which can get to be about 12 meters/40 feet long and during the month of October they migrate through this area in large numbers.  
  • The dive shops usually organize daily whale hunting trips for those divers whose only wish is to finally catch a glimpse of these underwater giants. I was amazed and very fortunate to see one up close during one of my first dives but I was even more impressed by all that occurs around them. Their presence creates a circular ecosystem with all kinds of wildlife actively participating in a feeding frenzy (including birds diving into the ocean and larger fish preying on smaller fish); it was something very unique and out of the ordinary.
  • It is important to point out that even though they belong to the shark family the whale shark does not pose a threat to humans as they only eat plankton. It is not unusual for divers and snorkelers to swim close by and even touch these gentle giants.
  • There are only two main roads in the entire island which intersect each other at the main pier (this is where the Utila Princess Ferry docks); there is no traffic given that there are very few cars; yet, beware of speeding motorcycles, mopeds, four-wheelers and bicycles. You may not need any of them since everything is practically at walking distance.
  • The popular bar of choice for catching the spectacular sunset views and hanging out has got to be the Tranquila Bar.
a mars-like sunset from the deck atTRANQUILA BAR
the party continues atTHE TREETANIC
there's more than meets the eye at theJADE SEAHORSE
These are just a few of the places I like in Utila, there is still plenty more to see. That “no shoes, no shirt, no problem”, attitude basically reflects the laid back lifestyle found on this island. To sum it all up, it is PARTY central together with a little bit of sea, sun, and sand, – not to mention the low prices, and the possibility of catching a glimpse of a whale shark, makes of Utila a vacationers’ paradise and island you won’t soon forget! 

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